Why SlonReview for the Shopify Store?

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Sentiment analysis

Understands all your product reviews & give insightful sentiment analysis of all product reviews.

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Tranparent & unbiased

Our AI data models create unbiased brand voice & summaries of all product reviews and showcase that.

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Improves conversion

Users don't need to spend time reading all customer reviews to decide by just reading the summary using SlonReview.

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Business improvements

Our AI data models give precise feedback about your product and the execution of orders to evolve.

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How it works in steps

Sync data

We integrate with your review app like Yotpo, Judge.me and Okendo so you can easily and securely connect your data.

AI analysis

We run our proprietary AI-based LLM to generate precise sentiment analysis on product reviews & summarise it in unbiased opinions.

Get results

You can see the sentiment of your current customers and gloriously show it as a summary to your website users or evolving business processes.

Our real stories

“I can’t believe how easy it becomes for customers to make buying decisions”
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John Simmons

I just wanted to let you know that your team has created a very elegant solution to all my customer's time-consuming decision-making journeys.

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Ronald Richards
Digital Marketing Head

I wanted to endorse them for being honest with their unbiased solution to earn customers' trust & I loved the Animojis.

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Jerome Bell
eCommerce Manager

What is SlonReview used for


Save time of reading reviews

Customers will save time reading the summary of product reviews be it positive or negative.


Quick decision-making

Summary of reviews allows the users to make the decision faster and improves your products/services & fulfilment process.


Completely unbiased

No bias, no manipulation by AI to show the right sentiments to merchants and buyers.


Efficient Review Organization

SlonReview now provides AI-enhanced summaries of product reviews, making it easier for users to arrange and access relevant details about each product.


Streamlined Review Request Automation

SlonReview's AI-driven review request email automation streamlines the process of requesting purchasers for reviews, increasing productivity without redirecting users to specific product pages.


Efficient Review Management

SlonReview streamlines review management, enabling store owners to easily hide/publish and bulk or individually delete/publish reviews for efficient management.



How does SlonReview work?

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How does streamlined review request automation work?

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