Decision-Making with AI-Driven Customer Insights

SlonReview introduces an innovative solution that revolutionizes e-commerce decision-making. Seamlessly integrating with Shopify, our AI-powered platform provides merchants with insightful information derived from customer reviews. From product feedback to sentiments on fulfillment processes, our platform empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, fostering immediate evolution and growth. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a new era of informed choices.


Streamline Insights from Reviews about product and fulfilment

Our platform is designed to streamline the overwhelming task of managing and interpreting customer reviews. Let AI do the heavy lifting for you, extracting valuable nuggets of information from the noise. Whether it's understanding product feedback or gauging fulfilment issues, we've got you covered.



Supports third party applications

We believe in cohesive approach and our business resolves around partnersing with the right review applications. We support:
Shopify (Default)


AI-Enhanced Product Review Summaries

We provide Product-Based Review Management. This feature allows you to organize customer reviews, ensuring that insights are relevant and actionable for each product in their list. With this feature, two types of summaries are generated: long and short. These summaries offer users a comprehensive overview of customer feedback, allowing for informed decision-making. Additionally, on the product page, recent reviews with positive summaries are prominently displayed.


AI-Driven Review Request Email Automation

Our platform helps Slon owners to easily email purchasers with requests for reviews within specific periods after a purchase. SlonReview offers a dynamic page with the purchased product list, where users can select reviews created by AI.This feature eliminates the need for redirection to individual product pages, enhancing user experience. Additionally, AI generates keyword-based reviews for customization, optimizing feedback collection efficiency.


Automated and Manual Review

Our platform offers flexibility by allowing you to add reviews automatically or manually. With the auto-review feature, you can automatically gather and process customer feedback, saving time and effort. Alternatively, you can choose to add reviews manually, allowing for greater control over the review collection process and the ability to include specific feedback that may not be captured automatically.


Review Insights with CSV Import-Export Files

Our platform facilitates third-party import and export of product-wise review data using CSV files.  Users can seamlessly integrate external review data for analysis and reporting through the Import Export page. Additionally, users can control data visibility by choosing between "hidden" and "public" options when exporting CSV files, ensuring data security and accessibility control.


Customizable block designs for Store Owner

By combining AI-powered review summary display with 2 blocks small and large for review summary. Users can choose the best option for their needs. We offer block design options, we provide store owners with a versatile solution for summarizing and presenting customer feedback in a visually appealing manner like text, color, etc…


Review Analysis Dashboard for store owner

Our platform provides a user-friendly dashboard where store owners can view and manage reviews efficiently. By offering a dashboard that categorizes reviews into positive and negative sentiments with graphs, we enable store owners to quickly identify areas of strength and improvement, facilitating data-driven decision-making and enhancing the overall customer experience.


Review Management

Our Review Dashboard integrates comprehensive review management options for store owners. It offers functionalities like hiding/publishing, individual or bulk delete/publish of reviews. These features ensure efficient and effective review management, providing store owners with the tools they need to maintain quality and relevance.

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